QLD Autumn Symposium Program 2021

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The Symposium Committee members of Dr. Sharyn Smith (Chair), Dr. Darren Powrie and Dr. Kim Hansen who have been organising the Queensland Autumn Symposium for over ten years are delighted to announce the 16th Annual QLD Autumn Symposium. 

With the wealth of expertise and experience, the QLD Autumn Symposium Committee have grown the Symposium from a small meeting, gaining momentum every year to successfully delivering an event that has sold out in the past four years. 

This year the Symposium will be a one-day conference, being held on Thursday 3rd June 2021. 

2021 Program

QLD Autumn Symposium PROGRAM 2021.pdf

Plenary Session - Not to be missed!

Titled: Walk the Line 

An interactive panel discussion with members from diverse healthcare backgrounds. It will explore the fine line we walk every day at work balancing our duty of care to our patients with looking after ourselves. Topics will include occupational violence and its widespread effects, your legal rights if you are filmed by patients at work (spoiler alert: it's more complicated than you might think), and ways we can do better for everyone involved.  

Session Chair: Aimee Murphy

Panel: Kathryn Woolfield, Siti Noordin, Lita Olsson, Agnew Alexander and Fiona Banwell

Mixed Tape

1. Bridging the Gender Diversity Gap  Aaron Robinson 

2. Prov-ED   Louise Cullen

3. Concussion - Past, Present, Future   Gary Mitchell

4. Syncope   Jason Chan

5. Trauma and Obesity  Ryan Windish


Optional lunch time meetings 

  • QLD Faculty Meeting 12:30pm chaired by Kim Hansen
  • Trainee Meeting 12:20pm chaired by Malcolm Cooper

3 breakout sessions  Choose between;

  • ECG workshop, Jon Isoardi & Andy Churchman
  • New Fellows workshop, Chaired by Katie Mills and Sharyn Smith 
  • Free Papers session, Various speakers Chaired by James Collier


Choose between;

a) Paediatric interactive session,  Why is my baby crying? From cow's milk protein allergy to catastrophic resuscitations. Join us for all things neonatal, 

Presenter: Alaa Ibrahim. Panel: Kate Bassett, Lisa Gotley, Faye Jordan


b) Geriatric interactive session, Elizabeth Marsden, Bill Lukin and Denise Hobson

The dark side of empathy,  Charley Greentree

Welcome Reception - 5:00 pm onwards on the Plaza level deck. Light meal and refreshments will be served. 

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