Trainee Meeting

Welcome trainees! This informal meeting is an opportunity to come together as a group to share ideas and meet your new trainee representative.

QLD faculty meeting

Chaired by Dr Kim Hansen

We invite interested FACEM's to attend.

Agenda items: Ambulance Off-loading, Mandatory Reporting, Cairns ED, Redlands ED, Faculty Chair Update.

Would like to find out more? Email the team at

DEMT meeting

Tbc. DEMT breakfast meeting to be held on Friday 7am, 24th May. 

​New Fellows meeting

The new fellows meeting is open to those FACEMs who have been elected to Fellowship since May 2016. 

It will be an opportunity to meet other new FACEMs, and to learn some invaluable tips and insights to help you navigate your current pathway.

Peter White CEO, and Lyn Johnson Executive Director of Education and Training from ACEM will be attending.