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25TH & 26TH MAY 2017

Breakout Sessions / Workshops


Delegates are to register their preferences for the small group breakout sessions that will be held on Thursday. Please note that limited numbers apply to some sessions - places are filled according to date of registration. 

Thursday 25th May - choose between:

a) SESSION 3A  1:00pm

 - Free Paper Session co-presented with EMF

b) SESSION 3B  1:00pm

- Interactive Radiology Workshop

SESSION 3C  1:00pm 

c) - New Fellows Session - Find your niche as a new Fellow

- This workshop is aimed at new Fellows as well as Trainees who are about to become Fellows. 

Friday 26th May

Session 8.  3:00pm 

Acute Dental Care in the Emergency Department Workshop, facilitated by Dwight Elvery, Martin Leung, Trish Wright

Spaces are limited to 20. Please register for this workshop at the registration desk when you arrive at the symposium.

Disclaimer: Sessions details are yet to be confirmed and may change according to speaker availability and delegate numbers